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What Are Today's Interesting Finds? - v7

I’m happy to bring you the newest installment (v7) of the “What’s Interesting?” feature where I share my latest discoveries that inform, educate, and relate to organizing and life balance. I’ve included unique and inspiring success-related finds, which reflect this month’s blog theme. You are a magnificently, engaged group. I look forward to your participation and additions to the collection I’ve sourced for you. What do you find interesting?



What’s Interesting? . . .


1. Interesting Read – Redefining Success

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to meet the inspiring Arianna Huffington and hear her speak about her new book, Thrive. After working to the point of collapse, she was motivated to find ways fix her “broken definition of success.” She wrote, “What we’re beginning to recognize is that success is not always about doing more, but also about doing better – and we do better when we’re connected to our inner wisdom, strength, and intuition.” Success has traditionally been tied to money and power. Sharing stories and scientific research, she proposes a third metric consisting of well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.




2. Interesting Resource – Organizing Success

My friends at Smead have a terrific podcast series, SmeadOrganomics, where they interview organizers on a variety of topics including everything from organizing tech tools to closets to time. I’ve enjoyed being interviewed by the wonderful John Hunt for several of these podcasts. In latest video, “How to Choose a Professional Organizer That’s Right For You,” I share questions to ask before hiring an organizer, so that you will achieve the ultimate success in your organizing journey.




3. Interesting Product – Workplace Success

Joel Health, founder of Fluidstance says, “You were designed to move – It’s likely your workspace was not.” His company has created the LevelTM, a unique product, which is a skateboard-like platform. The wood and aluminum board lets you wobble while your work, allowing for subtle movements, and increasing your heart rate by 15 percent. We know that sitting all day or even standing still for prolonged periods is unhealthy and physically taxing on your body. The Level provides a new way to add movement to your workday.




4. Interesting Tech – Tracking Success

You just had your keys, glasses, or wallet in hand but they have suddenly gone missing. Stress no more. With the Tile, a Bluetooth tracker, you can find your lost items in seconds. Attach or affix Tiles on your everyday items, then keep track of them using the Apple or Android app. What was lost is now easily found!





5. Interesting Thought – Perspective Success

The obstacles we face are part of the journey. Adopting a performance versus a learning agenda can be the change that’s needed in order to experience success.





I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are your interesting finds? Do any of these resonate with you?  Come join the conversation!





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Reader Comments (9)

The third metric Arianna proposes is neccesary and should be more important than others. The ultimate goal in life should be our well-being and hapinness, everything else is circunstantial.
About the phrase, I couldn't agree more, obstacles make us grow out the adversity.
Thanks for sharing your findings.

September 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterNacho Eguiarte

Tile is a great product. It can also be a surprisingly simple way to keep track of aging relatives who have a tendency to wander. Never heard of Level, but with the growth of standing desks, I can see this being a great tool. Stagnation - whether physical or mental - kills motivation! Just finished reading Dana Perino's "And The Good News Is".. a great read, especially for young people at the beginning of their careers.

September 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSeana Turner

Thank you for reviewing these products, Linda. I agree with Nacho - if you have your health, happiness, and are comfortable within yourself that's more important than anything else. Arianna Huffington's Third metric sounds great. I look forward to reading her book. I also like the idea from Seana about using Tiles to help keep track of aging friends and relatives - should they go wandering.

September 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDiane Quintana

What a great group! So wonderful to "see" you this morning.

@Nacho- Like you, I responded to the new perspective that Arianna brought to success. Ultimately it's for each of us to figure out a definition that makes sense. Her approach is holistic, life-sustaining and nurturing. And yes…obstacles are essential for our growth.

@Seana- What an excellent idea to use Tile for aging relatives! I discovered Level recently. If you click on the link, there's a terrific, short video where the inventor, Joel Heath, describes how he came up with the idea and the process he went through to bring it to market. It's well done. Thanks for sharing your latest read. Adding it to my "Books to Read" list now.

@Diane- I'm sure you're going to enjoy "Thrive." I liked the stories and also the research that supported a lot of her ideas. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you read her book.

September 29, 2015 | Registered CommenterLinda Samuels

Love reading the Third Metric on Huffington Post. It's always creating new awareness for me. It's about what really matters.

The book Thrive intrigues me. I am sure you have heard of Brene Brown and it sounds like it is along the same lines as Daring Greatly.

September 30, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEllen Delap

I love these Linda, I watch the Smead podcasts all the time, I even have a page on my Pinterest for organizing videos. I love the Fluid stance, my friend who is a writer uses a treadmill when she writes, but this might work as well.

October 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJill Robson

@Ellen- Developing an awareness about what really matters is so helpful in those daily decisions and intentions. I'm sure you'd enjoy reading Thrive. And yes…I do know Brene Brown. I'm in the middle of reading her latest book, "Rising Strong," another success-themed book. I haven't read "Daring Greatly" yet.

@Jill- So great to know, like Nacho, that you're also a fan of Smead's podcasts. They are industry treasures. Nice that you're collecting a Pinterest board full of organizing videos. Wow that you're friend is able to write while on a treadmill. I don't think my eyes could focus with the movement and writing at the same time. The Level, by Fluidstance allows for movement, but they look like they are smaller. A very interesting product. If you're friend ends of trying it, I'd love to hear about her experience.

October 2, 2015 | Registered CommenterLinda Samuels

Tile is an awesome item. It can likewise be a shockingly basic approach to stay informed concerning maturing relatives who tend to meander. Never knew about Level, however with the development of standing work areas, I can see this being an incredible apparatus. Stagnation - whether physical or mental - executes inspiration! Simply completed the process of perusing Dana Perino's "And The Uplifting news Is".. an extraordinary read, particularly for youngsters toward the start of their vocations.

October 4, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterrahul

Rahul- Sounds like you've had some positive experience with using Tile. And I agree that Level seems like an intriguing new product to keep us bodies and brains moving. I'm intrigued by Perino's book…another great endorsement. Thanks so much for joining us.

October 4, 2015 | Registered CommenterLinda Samuels

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