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10 Best Sources for Organizing Help

Whether you are organizationally challenged, highly organized or somewhere in between, there are times when we want to enlist help. That help can come in many forms like hiring organizational professionals, reading books about organizing, or finding the perfect storage container. Organizing resources are abundant. The sheer volume available can be overwhelming. To help you get started, I’ve narrowed down the options.

10 Best Sources for Organizing Help

1. Best Association for Finding Professional Organizers: National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

 With over 4,000 professional organizers in NAPO’s easy to search database, you will surely be able to find an organizer. My post, 6 Tips for Hiring a PO can help you evaluate which one is the right fit for you.


2. Best Information on Chronic Disorganization: Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)

 This organization is the premier resource on chronic disorganization with top-notch education and strategies for the disorganized, professional organizers and related professionals. I’m looking forward to attending the annual conference this September, Overcoming Obstacles in Chicago.


3. Best How to Organize Book: Organizing Plain & Simple by Donna Smallin

 This book is well organized, easy to use, and features multiple ways of approaching organizing challenges. Donna recognizes that there isn’t a one size fits all method of organizing. For each challenge, she includes multiple solutions supplied by various organizers. You can read the entire book or just the passages that apply to your particular organizing issues.


4. Best Book about Challenging Disorganization: The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization edited by Kate Varness, CPO-CD, MA

 This newly released book is a fabulous guide for understanding some of the core issues surrounding disorganization. The collection of articles by 32 industry leaders includes topics such as learning styles, hoarding, ADHD, depression, and collaborative therapy. I’m honored to be one of the contributors.


5. Best Variety of Organizing Products:  The Container Store

This favorite store (online and in-store) is the best place to find consistently stocked, interesting, durable, and beautifully designed organizing products. The staff is well trained, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. It’s this organizer’s dream store.


6. Best Stylish Organizing Products:  See Jane Work

When I’m looking for unique organizing products, I love visiting this website to see what Holly Bohn, the Founder and Creative Director of See Jane Work has discovered. She has a great eye and finds wonderful new products to add fun and pizzazz to the organizing experience.


7. Best Virtual Organizing Help:  Clutter Diet

Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet and creator of has developed an innovative program allowing anyone to get expert virtual organizing help and advice at an affordable price. Her website is filled with tips, videos, and organizing support. This past spring, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lorie about clutter for our “Ask the Expert” feature.


8. Best Organizing App:  2Do: Task Done in Style

There are hundreds of to do management apps, and new ones keep coming. I haven’t tried them all, but I do use this one on a daily basis and absolutely love it! Not only does it appeal to my visual sensibility, but also it allows me to organize projects, actions, grouped and sorted, as I like. It has reminders, alarms, and syncing capabilities. How did I live without it?


9. Best Organizing Tips Blog: Peace of Mind Organizing

My friend and colleague, Janine Adams is a wonderful writer and blogger with a fabulous sense of humor and style. Just visiting her blog leaves me feeling uplifted and calmer. She always has something interesting to say or share about organizing, products, and habit changing.


10. Best Organizing Blog Featuring Professional Organizers: Professional Organizers Blog Carnival

Janet Barclay, Founder of the Organized Assistant, has a blog with monthly themes like organizing closets, computers, email, and families. She invites professional organizer bloggers to submit posts on a particular topic. Her blog is a wonderful resource for learning about different strategies and getting to know lots of organizers. Later this month, I’m looking forward to sharing my interview with Janet about enlisting help for our “Ask the Expert” feature.

Everyone needs help now and then. If you’re ready to reach out, these “best” resources are a great place to begin. Do you have a favorite organizing resource? Do you have any thoughts about a resource mentioned above? Come join in our conversation.

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Reader Comments (6)

I am truly honored to be in such great company! Thank you so much for including me on your list.

August 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJanet Barclay

You're most welcome, Janet. You are the queen of helpers between being a Virtual Assistant, blogging great advice about social media & business, and sharing a wealth of organizing tips from other organizers every month. So happy to include you with the best list.

August 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Samuels

Great list Linda and I have to try a couple of your favorites like the app and visit more Janine's blog! There's something to be said about human brains and lists, right? I thrive with them and feel structured having it to follow on my tasks, projects and even favorites! Thank you for sharing yours!

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHelena Alkhas

Appreciate you stopping by, Helena. I am with you on the lists. They keep me on track with my projects, goals, and small tasks too. I know there are tons of to do management apps, but I just LOVE "2Do!" It's easy to use, colorful, and has a fun cross it off the list feature that I get a kick out of every time I use it. What can I say? It's sometimes the little things. Janine's blog is great too. She's a wonderful writer and extremely creative. You'll enjoy her posts. Do you have any favorites? Please share if you'd like to.

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Samuels

Love this list! Always wonderful to share what works well!

August 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEllen Delap

Thanks so much, Ellen. Do you have any other favorites that you'd like to add to the list?

August 3, 2013 | Registered CommenterLinda Samuels

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