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The List, Pansies, and Ice Cream

Yesterday marked the first day of spring. And oh what a magnificent day it was! I had a mongo list of things left to do from the previous day, and figured I’d have all day Saturday to check things off. I woke up with good intentions of getting things done. However, the day unfolded differently than I planned.

After breakfast, I looked outside, just to smell the air and appreciate spring’s arrival. There sat the pansies I purchased the day before, waiting to be planted. It was so gorgeous out, that the thought of working inside at my computer seemed ridiculous. So, I grabbed my gardening tools and decided that the next thing I’d do was to plant the flowers. What a great sensation it was to dig in the dirt, touch the plants, submerse them in the soil and water them!

Being outside in the warm sun, getting dirty and smelling the earth made me feel connected to all the other gardeners and growers. I thought about my grandmother who loved to garden and took such pleasure in her flowers and vegetables. When I’d visit her, she’d give me a big bear hug, firmly take my hand and say, “Come! Let me show you the garden.” We’d go out back and with such joy we’d walk through her garden. She had me touch, smell and see all that was blooming.

After planting the pansies and stepping back to appreciate their vibrant colors and whimsy, I went back inside to do some work. It was hard to concentrate after enjoying the spring air. I worked for a bit until it was time for lunch. This presented another opportunity to be outside. So, I gathered up my food and positioned myself in the sun. This had a calming effect. Things were mostly quiet except for the chirping of birds and distant buzzing of a power saw. After eating, I just sat and wrote. The calm I felt reminded me of similar feelings experienced on vacations. I was relaxed and didn’t want to move.

The rest of the day had a loose feel to it. You may have already guessed it, but I abandoned “the list” yesterday. I decided that my next step was to simply savor the magnificent day. Work could wait because the day was too good to ignore. Spring had arrived and I opted to delight in it. The choice gave me time to plant our flowers, write while sitting in the sun, and enjoy a walk and ice cream with my daughter.

So today is another gorgeous day! My big list is still before me. I will choose the next thing on it to accomplish and then stick my head outside. Who knows where that might take me?


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Reader Comments (3)

I enjoyed this post; you give a shining example of why time management is about doing what's most important at a any given moment. I always say the work isn't going anywhere, but how many perfect opportunities are there to plant flowers (especially pansies, which are among my personal favorites!)?

March 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJanet Barclay

I'm so glad to know that you appreciated this post, Janet. There's plenty of time to cross things off lists and get things done. But with that, it's just as important to know when it's time to just stop and savor the beauty and moments around you and put the brakes on "the list." We only go around once.

Thank you also for the inclusion of this post as part of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival on Procrastination. I know it's National Procrastination Week. You collected a fabulous array of posts from organizers around the world. I'm including the link so that others can enjoy your blog.

March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Samuels

I love how you figured out how to bring that vacation calm into your days. And sparked by your grandmother's tradition with you.

It's a challenge we all have, of how to find the calm in the busyness and storms of everyday life.

And yet, if we don't figure out how to do this for ourselves, we become our lists and our busy lives pass quickly without our appreciating the birds chirping, the wind sweeping through, or the pansies' vibrant colors and whimsy.

What a gift your grandmother gave you.

September 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSue West

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