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In The Other Side of Organized, Linda Samuels, CPO-CD® will encourage you to get organized enough to reduce the stress of life’s details and make time to embrace your passions. Already, thousands of clients and readers have found help and inspiration in her advice, personal reflections on change and connection, and vision of what can be accomplished when you find that sweet spot between chaos and perfection.

Available in paperback or eBook for Kindle, Nook, iPad or iPhone and Sony Reader.

Professional Organizing

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"If you've been looking for a new organizing book to help you get your life in order, I recommend you check out my colleague Linda Samuels' new book, The Other Side of Organized. Linda takes our industry's essential organizing principles and shares them in short, easy-to-read stories which relate to common challenges. This book is literally a compilation of bite-size lessons from cover to cover, so it's perfect for those on the go, or who aren't inclined to sit down and read for more than a few minutes."

Professional Organizer, Catalyst Organizing Solutions


“Beautifully and thoughtfully written, The Other Side of Organized presents a refreshing perspective on being organized. Using personal stories, Linda emphasizes the importance of balance and enjoying the process so one can enjoy self-care, as well as access all the good things that life has to offer. An original view we all should adopt.”

Past President, National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization 


“A fresh, new approach about the underlying causes of disorganization. The Other Side of Organized is for those who have tried all the ‘how-to’ books and still can’t get organized. This book will help you break through your roadblocks to live the life you want.” 

Past President, National Association of Professional Organizers


“In a unique conceptualization, Linda’s personal narrative highlights the ways in which our internal lives impact our ability to organize. Acknowledging that patterns from the past can imprison us and prevent growth, this book urges readers to treat themselves with compassion, with emphasis on the quality of the process. The Other Side of Organized will help readers reframe their organizing goals to strive for balance rather than perfection.”

Clinical Psychologist specializing in ADHD, and author of
Understanding Girls with ADHD


"I have been reading your book in all the hippest coffee houses and can't put it down. Thank you for not writing about everything that everyone else does! You have a million gems and what is more important is that it speaks from your generous and insightful heart."

Professional Organizer, To The Next Level


"I SO enjoyed reading your book. I love how it's split up into seasons and deals with the emotions one feels before, during, and after getting organized. Besides being an author, Linda is also part cheerleader-giving the reader a written 'cheer' to keep them motivated and believing in their abilities to become and remain organized.

While reading the book, a feeling of calm came over me-I found it to be soothing to read. Readers stressed out from the clutter of their lives will find this book not only incredibly helpful and insightful, but almost like going to a verbal spa...

Dotted with comic strips of her beloved dog and pull-out quotes of important advice to remember, The Other Side of Organized emphasizes that 'being organized enough' can bring balance to one's life. Beautifully designed and beautifully written, inside and out."

Professional Organizer, and author of 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note


"This book is filled with Linda's personal stories and client experiences that covers thoughts, ideas and examples of what we all go through in our quest for better lives. This is not just a book about organization, but one of reflection about life and how we are living it."

Career and Life Coach

"By the time I was halfway through the book, I felt that Linda was a wise friend or motivational coach, who after each encounter, says, 'Okay, now you're as perfect as your humanness will get...will you go out and play, laugh and live joy for a while.' That's the best thing about The Other Side of Organized-Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection, it probes, instructs, motivates, but never forgets to give you breathing room."



"There are lots of excellent organizing books that describe strategies to use in different situations, but in her book, Linda Samuels guides us through the other side of organizing, particularly the emotional issues associated with change."

Blogger, Your Organizing Business


"The book's philosophy is transcendent; it goes beyond issues that relate to organizing projects and can be incorporated in one's everyday life."

Professional Organizer, Goodbye Clutter


"The Other Side of Organized is not like your traditional self-help book you will find on the shelves. It's not a 'Get Organized in 30 Days' deal but a thoughtful look into ways we need to organize during different seasons of our lives. We all know it takes work to get organized, but it doesn't end there. Our needs change, our children grow and life happens. Our organizing systems are ever evolving."

Professional Organizer, Complete Organizing Solutions


"So when I came across Linda Samuels' book, The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection, I felt like the book was speaking directly to me from the shelf. When I read the title, it was as if I'd just found the bumper sticker for my life because I feel as if my life is in a perpetual state of chaos that I'm constantly trying to control. Throw a pregnancy into that mix and, well, everything goes completely nuts! So I found Linda Samuels' book to be just what the doctor ordered."

Author, I'll Have Who She's Having


"Even though I'm pleased with my own personal organizational systems, I still found motivation and some new perspectives in The Other Side of Organized. Wherever you may fall on the organized spectrum, I believe there are useful tidbits to be found here for everyone!"

Blogger, Five Minutes For Books


"The reader feels invited to get organized at his or her own pace, with genuine respect and heartwarming encouragement. I find Linda's organizing perspective gentle and refreshing."

Professional Organizer, Organize It!


"The Other Side of Organized takes a look at organizing from finding your motivation to 'editing' your possessions. She weaves personal experiences with inspiration and leads you to a balance 'between perfection and chaos.' There were so many times as I read that I was thinking-Yes, that's it exactly!"

Professional Organizer, Neat Streak


"When I saw The Other Side of Organized...I plunged into it with hope. What I didn't realize until I read Linda Samuels' book was that I was going at this organizing the wrong way. It's not just about putting things in their places; it's about freeing up your life for the things you really want to do."


"The Other Side of Organized is different. It's a slender, nicely designed volume full of short essays on getting and being organized and on balancing your life. As I read it, the word 'gentle' kept coming to mind. Linda, a veteran organizer, is very gentle to her reader. She's not telling you what to do. She's suggesting ways of thinking and doing."

Professional Organizer, Peace of Mind Organizing


"At last, a book on organizing that doesn't contribute to feelings of guilt and defeat. Author Samuels emphasizes the importance of balance in life. Everyone is different, so what feels 'organizing enough' for me to be comfortable is not necessarily the same level of organized that someone else may require."

President, Raven Publishing Inc.


"The Other Side of Organized could have been titled, "The Girlfriends' Guide to Getting Organized.' Like a best friend kindly dispensing advice, Ms. Samuels' caring for the reader is obvious on every page. In addition to her excellent tips and abundant suggestions for getting organized, Linda also conveys the value of organization within the context of a full, well balanced life."

Professional Organizer, Organize Long Island


"It is a slim book of wisdom presented in very brief topics which inevitably lead the reader into self-introspection on one's relationship to things."

Professional Organizer, Calahan Solutions


"The Other Side of Organized is Oh, So eloquently written - not only about all things organized but on inter-related topics on the nuances of life...and how to live it to the fullest. Linda pinpoints how to appreciate the beauty that is all around us by being 'present' to it as well as how to be better organized in a fluid way that is real and achieveable."

Organize Your Life

"Samuels has written a book that is down-to-earth, engaging and inspiring. She makes you believe you can conquer disorganization and clutter, and live a life of greater ease and clarity. I was particularly impressed with the format of the book. It is lovely, like a work of art. She makes a difficult subject fun and enjoyable."



"I was totally sold on this book when I read the back cover, where Linda explains that organizing is 'about finding a level of order that's comfortable for you.' Right on Linda!"

Professional Organizer, Basic Organization

"Linda understands the dynamics of change and how we can get there even with setbacks."

Financial Planner, Noa Lessing Fusco, LLC


"I have read dozens of books about organizing, but never has one touched me on a spiritual level the way Linda Samuels' book has...She writes as if she's having a caring conversation with a close friend and her full disclosure is both soothing and inspiring."

Professional Organizer

 "The Other Side of Organized is an easy read and will leave you with feelings of hope and encouragement and the sense that you have learned much more along the way than just organizing principles, but some important life lessons, too."

Professional Organizer, Organize Anything, LLC


"The author's enthusiastic, artful and intimate writing makes the book a delight to read. Each page is without clutter or excess as the author models her powerful yet light-hearted philosophy in an inspiring way."



"I finished your book a week or so ago. It is truly something our client base must (or if they haven't read it, will) really resonate with. Your compassion and thoughtfulness were obvious."

Productivity and Time Management Consultant, Tasks Unlimited


"Professional Organizer though she may be, do not fear! Linda Samuels is totally not judging you. At all."

Blogger, Mom Most Traveled


"Ms. Samuels writes with the same clarity and kindness that she demonstrates when working with her clients. This is an important book to read for anyone who has bought dozens of other books on getting organized and failed to become organized in the process of reading them. This book actually holds your hand and gets you going."

Professional Organizer, Paperchasers


"For those who do not want another 'how-to' then this is for you. This is a 'why to.' The one we need to read to give ourselves permission to be less perfect, less stressed and more balanced."

Professional Organizer, Order Out of Chaos


"Samuels reminds us that the reason for organizing our lives is so we have more time to do things we love and enjoy. It is not an end in itself."

Author, The Complete Single Father


"The Other Side of Organized is not like a typical organizing book. It is very motivational and inspiring."

Professional Organizer and author of Don't Toss My Memories in the Trash


"With gentle suggestions for finding balance through the chaos, you'll become organized 'enough' after reading this gem of a book that isn't preachy or obsessive...Linda's book offers helpful, easy ways to get back on track to organized so you can start focusing on the important aspects of life. Seriously, this is the organizational must-have book for everyone!"



"The Other Side of Organized is a quick read filled with lots of good ideas, but isn't preachy and there are no step by step plans. You simply read the parts you want, work on what you need, and somewhere along the way find your own balance between chaos and perfection."

Blogger, Penelope's Oasis


"The Other Side of Organized light hearted and endearing view of organizing."

Professional Organizer,