How to Experience Motivation Calm That Will Move You Forward
Monday, July 29, 2019 at 5:30AM
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The word motivation is synonymous with purpose, drive, momentum, and determination. I also attribute fast-paced energy and movement to motivation. I don’t normally associate the word, calmas a motivation descriptor. Do you? Interestingly though, I had a recent experience that shifted my perspective on motivation. I thought my story might resonate with you and be useful the next time you encounter motivation tumult.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to be outside and enjoy nature. That includes walking along or kayaking on the river, weeding in the garden, stopping to smell and take photos of the flowers, or jumping the ocean waves. I love the intensity of scents, sounds, sights, and sensations. On one of these perfect weather days, my husband and I went kayaking. I loved the sound of my oar sloshing in the water as it moved through the river and pulled me forward. As much as I enjoyed rowing, I also appreciated just being still and letting the current propel my boat and me along.

We rented the kayaks for two hours, which meant that we had an hour to paddle up the river before heading back to shore. We had a destination, a purpose, and a place to get to. We were motivated to get there. But here’s the thing. We didn’t rush. We meandered. We had no concern about arriving and simply enjoyed the journey. We didn’t go quickly. We paddled some, stopped, floated while snacking on cherries, and paddled some more. We felt motivated, yet so very calm and peaceful.

It was also liberating. The idea of having a destination in mind, a will to get there, yet doing it in a calm, relaxed way, was a wonderful feeling. How often do we get caught up in the frenzy that motivation can bring? We can become so focused on getting there, wherever there is, that we miss the joy of the journey. Or, we overlook the fact that our passage can actually be tranquil. 

At one point we hit some rapid water. It was too challenging to paddle forward. Since the river was shallow at that spot, we jumped out of our kayaks and walked them to calmer waters. On our return, we passed through the fast waters again. But this time since we were going with the current, we remained in our boats and rode them downriver. What an incredible sensation to be carried swiftly downstream by the river and then return once again to a leisurely pace. 

Have you ever experienced motivation calm? What were the circumstances? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to our conversation!





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