What's the Most Important Key to Your Organizing Success?
Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7:00AM
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To be fair, there are many elements that contribute to organizing success. In fact, I write about some of them in my article Top 10 Organizing Success Secrets. However, there is one aspect that is essential to the organizing process. Without it, there is no moving forward. With so many engaged members of this community that are professional organizers or pursuers of organization, I bet you’re guessing and wondering which “key” I’m thinking about. The most important action that contributes to your organizing success is letting go. Without the willingness, strategies, and ability to do that, it’s going to be pretty near impossible to experience the organizing success you’re looking for. 

Why is that? Organizing isn’t just about setting up systems, putting things in containers, and making things more accessible. It’s not just about re-arranging what you already have. Organizing is about assessing and creating an environment that supports who you are, how you live, and what you do. That happens only when you’re willing to let go of the things, ideas, habits, and behaviors that don’t support your goals and values.

Letting go is essential.

Just because it’s essential, doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. I know this from personal experience.

This past year I spent a lot of time letting go as I cleared out and prepared my parent’s home of 57 years for sale. It wasn’t easy sorting through all of the memories or letting go of the stuff. But in order to organize what remained, get the home ready for a new family, and move on, letting go had to happen. In the process, I learned a few things that I shared along the way on my blog. In addition, I had the opportunity to talk with my buddy, John Hunt from Smead about these ideas for the Keeping You Organized podcast.


In this 2-part series, we talked about the . . .

Ten Ways That I Learned to Let Go.


 Ten Ways That I Learned to Let Go: Part 1 - Linda Samuels



Ten Ways That I Learned to Let Go: Part 2 - Linda Samuels


What do you think is the most important key to your organizing success? Is letting go at the top of your list, or is there something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!





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