How to Edit Clutter the Simple Way
Monday, May 21, 2018 at 7:02AM
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I’m sure you’ve heard the question and response, “How do you eat an elephant?” … “One bite at a time.” Not that we’re eating or want to be eating elephants here, but there is a connection to be made. Managing or handling our accumulation of clutter can be daunting and down right overwhelming (like eating an enormous elephant.) However, similar to other large projects if we break them down into teeny, tiny steps, we can quickly reduce overwhelm and progress forward.


So let me rephrase the question and response.

Q:  How do you edit clutter the simple way?

A:  One drawer and one decision at a time.

In the twenty-five years I’ve been helping my clients to get organized, I’ve seen this prove true time and again. We often start from that “overwhelmed” state. From there we work together one drawer, one surface, or one closet at a time to declutter, to let go, and to get organized. 

It’s always amazing to see how much gets edited out. Clutter has a way of collecting and being stored in deep, dark corners of rooms, containers and drawers, so that we no longer realize it’s there. However, when you begin to dig out drawer-by-drawer and corner-by-corner, it’s incredible to see what is uncovered. Even more fascinating is to see the volume of what we choose to release. 

Clutter has a way of accumulating over time. Things get stored and forgotten. Stuff remains beyond its usefulness. And since things have been hidden away, duplicate items have often been unknowingly purchased. So when we go through the editing process and realize we have 10 spatulas or 25 pairs of black pants or 40 coffee mugs, it makes decision-making and letting go much easier. Let’s be honest. Most of us just don’t need or really want 10 spatulas or 25 pairs of black pants.


To bring this back to the original question…How do you edit clutter the simple way?

Here’s one formula:

Does this resonate with you? Have you or someone you know experienced clutter editing? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to join the conversation!





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