3 Unexpected Sources for Organizing Inspiration
Monday, November 5, 2018 at 7:01AM
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Is getting your home, finances, digital files, papers, or calendar an organizing priority for you this season? Are you procrastinating or struggling with starting the process? There are many reasons why this happens. Life is busy and getting organized can feel like more work. Sometimes we become overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we’d like to accomplish. Other times we don’t know where to begin. All of those are normal, human reactions. When we aren’t ready to start, an inspiration-dose can get us going.

Inspiration can found through people, conversations, nature, events, music, literature, self-reflection, and more. There is no shortage of inspirational sources. If you are open and aware of your experiences, inspiration will follow. Recently, I noticed some specific inspiration-boosting moments. Maybe some of these will resonate with you, or remind you of experiences you’ve had, or could tap into.



I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating. I love helping my clients to get organized. I admire their dedication and resourcefulness with working on their organizing challenges. Recently, we’ve organized spaces back to square one, re-organized areas for more efficient uses, and organized brand new living and working spaces for the next phase of life. Being part of the organizing process, watching as my clients reduce their stress and joyfully embrace the changes, inspires me to make changes in my own life. For you, maybe it’s not a client, but a friend, co-worker, or family member that is your source of inspiration. That human-to-human connection is a powerful motivator.




What a magnificent time of year! The fall colors change daily. This week all of the red leaves appeared next to the orange and yellow ones. Bursts of intense color dotted the landscape. I couldn’t get enough of the visual feast and spent a lot of time outside looking, walking, and being in nature. I know that all too soon, the leaves will be down and the color will be gone. I breathed in as much as possible. My mindfulness meditations were graced with the backdrop of the colorful woods. My car drives were enhanced by the spectacular bursts of color around each bend. Walks along the river and in the woods were accompanied by the rustle and crunch of falling leaves. Spending that time outdoors, seeing the beauty around me, lifted my spirits. Also, the energy I felt from enjoying nature provided me with inspiration and increased focus to work on my projects.




Last weekend I attended the Mindfulness in America conference. This weekend I went to the incredible Northeast Regional Conference for Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NERCPO) sponsored by the NAPO-CT chapter. About 100 colleagues gathered from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and New England to network and learned about Feng Shui, digital productivity, and mental health perspectives of organizing. There was also a vendor expo with excellent resources, and a goody bag filled with great organizing products. I loved learning, talking with colleagues, meeting people, and discovering new products and services. Sandra Wheeler, the Feng Shui presenter, and practitioner said that one way to create more flow and energy in your life is to eliminate the things that represent the “shoulds.” For example, remove the pile of books on your nightstand that you intend to read, but don't. Or let go of the unfinished craft projects from years past that you’ve lost interest in. I admit to having a big pile of “to read” books next to my bed. Sandra inspired me to reconsider this and place only the book I’m currently reading there. 


One of the beautiful aspects of being human is our ability to be inspired. The sources abound. If you’ve ever felt challenged to get more organized, what has encouraged you to move forward? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come and join the conversation!





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