What Does Organizing Success Look Like for You?
Monday, September 18, 2017 at 8:30AM
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Success is such a personal thing, even when it comes to organizing success. We view and define it differently. Some of us are excessively hard on ourselves and barely allow any acknowledgment of success or progress. Sometimes we’re so focused on our goal, that we rush through the tiny successes along the way, barely noticing them. What I see most often with clients is how overwhelm, especially at the beginning of a large organizing project, can color their definition and expectation of success. In those situations, “completely done” is what success means to them and until that happens, they remain in a very negative place. As I said, success is personal. We experience it differently.


What does organizing success look and feel like for you?


While I recognize that we each define organizing success differently, when working with clients, I help them celebrate and acknowledge the small successes along the way. Because let’s be honest. No project gets done in one simple stroke. Projects only get done by working consistently over time, piece by piece, and by changing some habits and behaviors in the process. It’s essential to cheer yourself on, do a happy dance, or shout out some “woohoos!” with each small success. These will help you relive the success and propel you forward for more success. You’ve heard this before and it’s worth repeating: Success breeds more success.

Remember that organizing success has a range in what it looks like. Here are some recent client and personal organizing successes that have brought about high fives, big sighs, and huge smiles:

What does organizing success look and feel like for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation.





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