Startling, Excellent Secret to Jumpstart Your Motivation
Monday, July 17, 2017 at 7:05AM
Linda Samuels in Getting Motivated, Motivation, challenges, clients, enlisting help, friend, goals, organizing, overwhelm, procrastination, professional organizer, purpose, stuck

When we're feeling stuck, it's especially challenging to get motivated. During several recent organizing visits with clients, I was reminded about one of the benefits of enlisting help as a way to boost motivation.

My clients were feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Those feelings resulted in procrastination and lack of motivation to tackle their organizational challenges. Yet in each of these cases, they recognized that no movement forward was going to happen unless they reached out for help. They had hit a wall of overwhelm. They called me for help.

It was fascinating to see the transformation. By talking about their goals, offering organizing support, and working by their sides, their feelings of overwhelm lifted and their motivation returned. In between organizing visits they were able to accomplish a lot on their own. They no longer felt stuck and had a renewed sense of purpose and energy around what they wanted to accomplish. They found the path forward.

So while enlisting the help of a professional organizer isn't the only way to jumpstart your waning motivation, it is definitely one of the effective strategies.

If you're struggling with moving forward and your lack of motivation and clarity is blocking you, reach out for help. You may be surprised at how valuable it is to hire a professional organizer or enlist the help from a trusted family member or friend.

Have you ever experienced positive change in motivation after enlisting help? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!


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