Make Time to Get Benefits of the "Pause"
Monday, June 12, 2017 at 7:12AM
Linda Samuels in Mindfulness, Moments, Too Little Time, attention, calm, focus, gratitude, mindfulness, nature, pause, perspective, present, time

The pause. Suspending time ever so briefly to notice, to feel, and to sense what surrounds you.  On this recent beautiful, light-filled morning, I took my breakfast outside to eat. As I sat at the "Samuels Cafe," I noticed the percussive sounds of the birds and insects. Their chorus was loud and varied. The foliage waved as the breeze gently moved the air. Patterns of soft light shifted and glistened as the sun danced in between the leaves. In the distance I noticed the occasional featherweight plant floating slowly from the sky to rest on the fern-covered ground.

Like my changing attention to the various sounds, my visual focus shifted too. The pattern of the light through the moving leaves highlighted different patches of the woods. It pulled my gaze to a particular tree stump or row of ferns or patch of grass. It was nature's way of showing me the beauty that exists.

The time is here to notice. The time is here to just be. It's there for you if you embrace the pause. Your moments of mindfulness are available to you.

In this corner of our world that is fixated on doing more, getting more, and being more, the pause is essential. Taking time to appreciate the present, to be in the present, to notice the present can shift your perspective to include gratitude, peace and calm.

Do you make time for the pause? What have you noticed? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!




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