How to Embrace the Changes with Awareness and Delight
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:19AM
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There are more frequent moments of enjoying the sun and noticing the season beginning to change. That change has not completely happened yet. We are straddling the dark of winter with glimpses of the warmth and lightness of spring. Simple moments bring my attention to the changes.

The sun’s presence has increased my awareness of the change-filled moments. They can be felt and seen in many ways. Sitting by the window in a café, I felt the hot sun streaming through as it warmed my skin and calmed my soul. Walking through my living room I saw the sun cast its bold streams of light and shadow across the space. Sitting outdoors on a bench, the sun bathed my body and face with its heat. Moving along the path by the river, I felt unencumbered because I only needed to wear a very light jacket on that sunny, warm day.


“We change without realizing it. We are in the midst of change even now.”

- Haemin Sunim


The season is changing. The sun is getting stronger as the daylight lasts longer. In small ways each day, I can see and feel change happening. I delight in and embrace these joy-filled moments. I am grateful for the visible changes. They are a source of hope and movement. They mirror the possibility of changes that are harder to see.

What changes are you sensing? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!





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