12 Most Popular Organizing Concepts to Inspire Your Year
Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 8:21AM
Linda Samuels in Letting go, Life Balance, Motivation, New Year, balance, change, clutter, mindfulness, next, organizing, possibilities, success, time

We straddle two zones as we wind down this year and gear up for the new one to begin. The days are an odd mixture of parties, paperwork, and preparation. What mode are you in? Are you planning, relaxing, or maybe doing a combination of both? One of my favorite things to do before moving forward is to reflect on the past. This gives me insights into what was and clues about what’s possible. In that spirit, I’ve gathered for you highlights from the most popular posts and organizing concepts of 2017 and also created a short video. If you’re curious to learn more about one of my quotes, click on the link to read the original post. My hope is that you’ll discover a seed idea that will inspire you as you embark on your organizing journey for the New Year.

What area will you focus on to create the level of organization and balance that you desire? Which people, projects and things will you give your time, energy and attention to?

Watch, read, and then join our conversation!





Fresh Start

Let go of the shoulds. Ground yourself in the here and now.”

How to Practice Mindfulness for a Compassionate Fresh Start


Embrace Change

“In small ways each day, I can see and feel change happening.”

How to Embrace the Changes with Awareness and Delight


Next Step

“Finding next often takes less effort than you think it will.”

How to Pass the Human Test and Quickly Unlock Next





Letting Go

“The powerful method to reduce overwhelm … is to let go!”

Reduce Your Overwhelm & Increase Zen With One Powerful Method



“Facing our clutter is a process. It begins with noticing...”

How to Use This Mindfulness Invitation to Better See Your Clutter


Time Management

“In this corner of our world that is fixated on doing more … the pause is essential.”

Make Time to Get Benefits of the “Pause”






“As your mind and body gets more sleep, notice the positive affect on your motivation.”

Do You Nurture or Sabotage Your Motivation?


Enlisting Help

“Practicing mindfulness … can be huge in helping us to navigate transitions...”

How to Get Great Mindfulness Help for Anxiety with Change



“It’s essential to cheer yourself on … with each small success.”

What Does Organizing Success Look Like for You?




FALL 2017

Possibility Thinking

Possibilities open up when your space is clear.”

What Are The Possibilities When You Clear Your “Space?”


Wonderfully Human

“Connecting with the human side of organizing brings the process to an entirely different place.”

What Treasures Will Be Discovered When You Are Organizing?


Life Balance

Balance is … not always level, but in a constant state of motion that requires thought and action.”

How to Immediately Put Back More “B” in Balance


My heartfelt gratitude goes to you for being part of this vibrant community. We’ve had a rich year of conversations and sharing of ideas and resources. You bring learning, growth, support, and wonder to every day. Thank you for coming back again and again to participate and share your best.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, organized and joy-filled New Year!





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