3 Simple Ways to Be More Thankful Every Day
Monday, November 27, 2017 at 7:03AM
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My heart is full and continues to grow with positive emotions. During the holidays you often suspend regular activities. You have more time with family and friends. You have more time for sleeping late or visiting places that you don’t normally get to go. In the past few days I’ve had a wonderful infusion of fabulous meals and conversations shared with loved ones. And it’s not over yet. It’s just beginning.

Over the past weeks, I’ve enjoyed sharing with you my journey of organizing our childhood home of 56+ years and preparing it for sale. While organizing my family home, I discovered many treasures. I’ve been sharing them with you. This week’s shares are about humor. There were many emotional moments while sorting through the family “stuff.” However, in between the tears, some of the treasures I found helped me to laugh. They also reminded me that humor was ingrained in our family culture. To this day there’s nothing I enjoy more than laughing so hard that happy tears stream down my face.

It’s easy to move quickly through our day and not stop to allow in joy or humor. Or we might allow them in, but not stop to fully appreciate and be thankful for them. These particular finds that I’m sharing with you, helped me to find laughter and gratitude in these darker moments. Be on the lookout. What discoveries are waiting for you?


Humor in Cartoons

My Dad loved to draw cartoons. All of the cards and letters he wrote to me were signed, “Love, Dad.” However, instead of actually writing out the word, “Dad,” he always drew a funny caricature of himself. The cartoons related to where he was traveling or how he was feeling like Daddy with Mickey Mouse ears when he was in Disneyland or Daddy with a red nose if he had a cold. I loved his funny “Daddy cartoons.” While going through our childhood home, I was constantly looking inside books at his inscriptions, or in letters to my Mom, or in his note pads for undiscovered cartoons. This sketch of him on a trip to Bali was one of the things I found. Gratitude and laughter flooded my being.



Humor in Attitudes

Going through the family photos was quite the project. There were thousands of photos from my parents and their parents. We were a well-documented family. Some of the material was organized and some was not. So particularly when I was organizing the memorabilia, I kept finding photos mixed in with those boxes. This photo I found is of goofy-looking me at nine months old. There are photos of my sister and brother from the same time period. They look so normal. Then there’s me with my wide-eyed, curious expression. It’s hard not to laugh at that face. My family often told me that I was the one that made everyone laugh. And with a face like that, I can see why. I realized that humor was something that was in me early on. So while there was plenty to be sad about, it was my sense of humor that always helped me through. I’m grateful to my family for encouraging this part of me and for giving me many occasions to embrace the humorous side of life.



Humor in Play

On this one particular day during the organizing process, I was having a rough time. Things were moving slowly, the rollercoaster of emotions and lack of sleep were wearing on me, and I was just feeling raw. I was preparing for one of the eight pick-ups from the junk removal company and clearing out a corner of my Dad’s office. There were a lot of old computer disks and manuals under his desk that had to go. After I cleared out the piles, I noticed a small dark thing on the floor. When I bent down to pick it up, I was surprised to discover one of my Dad’s little toys. It gave me a great and much needed laugh and a welcome diversion from the sadness I had been feeling at that moment. My Dad had many toys in his office, as do I. This was a lovely reminder that humor is always at our fingertips. This is the short video clip I took that day to share with my family, which I’m now sharing with you.


We come from many different family cultures. Humor was a big part of mine. I’m so grateful for it and how it helped me when I was growing up and even now as an adult. It takes a moment to pause and be thankful. There are many ways to notice and appreciate these moments of gratitude. It’s part of our human experience. What have you noticed? What are you feeling thankful for?  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!






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