How to Joyfully Embrace the Human Side of Organizing
Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:11AM
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Let’s face it. For some of us, there is nothing joyful about sorting, editing or organizing. Even for those of us that love to organize (guilty as charged,) there can be certain types of projects that can be challenging. As shared in some recent posts, I’ve been organizing our family home of 56+ years and preparing it for sale. It’s been an emotional journey mixed with challenging and joy-filled moments. On the positive side, connecting with the human side of organizing has helped me to more easily navigate the waters. I’ve done this by honoring the treasures instead of focusing on loss or pain. Along the way I made some wonderful discoveries, which I’ll share with you.

Last week in the post, What Treasures Will Be Discovered When You Are Organizing?, I wrote about the rich history of love that was part of my family. Today I’ll share a few more things I found from my childhood. I’m grateful that my Mom chose to keep these because they provided me with insight into where I came from and what was present early on.

This week’s shares are about humor, art and love. Finding them supported me as I sorted, edited, and let go. Their discovery, gave me some much needed laughter, smiles and warm feelings. By pausing to reflect, the treasures allowed me to embrace the joy experienced from the wonderfully human side of organizing.


Empathy and Humor

I wrote this pink-papered note to my Mom when I was eight or nine years old. “Ludwick” short for Ludwig Von Beethoven was one of our cats. It must have been bedtime and my Mom wanted me to turn out my lights. However, I had a different plan, as expressed in this note. Reading it 50 years later made me laugh, especially that last sentence, which reads almost like a punch line.

”Tonight is one of those nights.”

I liked seeing how I advocated for the cat and myself at this young age using an interesting mix of empathy and clarity.




Creativity and Art

What a surprise to find this drawing I made when I was eight! While I don’t remember creating this exact image, I do remember making these types of crayon and India ink scratchboards. I loved making them. On white cardboard, I colored crayons over the surface. Then I brushed black India ink to cover up the crayons. With a pencil or end of paper clip, I scratched out designs in the ink, allowing the colored crayon and white cardboard to show through. There is nothing special about the drawing. However, it brings back that happy feeling and intense focus I had while creating something. My parents gave me ample opportunity to make art, both informally and formally. To this day I love creating whether it’s through writing, baking, taking photos, setting the table, or making something with my hands.



Family and Love

Sitting on the couch in our family’s living room, there I am on grandmother’s lap surrounded by all four grandparents and my Mom. I’m sure that at age five, I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of having the love and attention of my family. Several years after this photo was taken, both of my grandfathers passed away. I am so grateful that my two grandmothers, Nana Stell and Nana Roe, lived into my young adulthood and that I have strong memories of my grandfathers. Discovering this photo, which I had never before seen, brought back warm feelings of unconditional love that my grandparents gave to me.


When you’ve organized, have you encountered that human side of organizing? I’d love to hear your stories or thoughts. Come join the conversation!






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