How to Enhance Change and Your Happiness
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 8:18AM
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As a professional organizer I view myself as a facilitator of change. My clients start at point A with a desire to get to point B. As you can imagine, that’s only possible through change. The journey is never a straight trajectory. There are bumps, glitches and adjustments that happen along the way. There’s also potential to experience more happiness and joy.

There are a few essentials for a successful change journey. The first is being as clear as possible about your goals. The better you can articulate, imagine, or visualize which changes your want, the greater motivation you’ll have along the way and the more likely your decisions along the way will be aligned with your goals.

The second essential to make your journey a happier and more fulfilling one, is to enjoy the ride. The type of change my clients seek doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not instant. In fact, it’s often a slow process that happens over an extended period of time while they simultaneously navigate the other parts of their lives. Acknowledging the successes as you go, noticing your progress, and doing some impromptu “happy dances” or high fives, will increase your happiness.

What’s fascinating is there’s an actual happiness factor that comes with working towards goals. In a 2013 study conducted by Time, they asked the question,


“What makes you happier…working toward a goal or achieving a goal?”


35% responded that working toward a goal made them happier. 59% responded that achieving a goal made them happier. Here’s the interesting twist. Science indicates, “Savoring the journey brings joy, even if we don't realize it.”

So while respondents perceived that achieving a goal made them happier, science offers that if in fact we savor the ride, we can boost happiness during our change journey.

What have you noticed about making changes and working towards goals? How do you experience your journey or arrival? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!





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