12 Most Popular Organizing Ideas of the Year to Jumpstart Your Success
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 5:07PM
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It’s almost that time when this year will end and a new one will begin. The days are an interesting mix of celebration, wrap-up and time off. What mode are you in? Are you planning, relaxing, or maybe doing a combination of both. One of my favorite things to do before moving forward is to reflect on the past. I’ve gathered for you highlights from the most popular posts and organizing ideas of 2016 and also created a short video. If you’re curious to learn more one of my quotes, click on the link below it to read the original post. My hope is that you discover a seed idea that will inspire you as you organize for the New Year. 

What area will you focus on to create the organizing and balance that you desire? Which people, projects and things will you give your time, energy and attention to?


Watch, read, and then join our conversation!


 "2016 Most Popular Organizing Ideas" video




Fresh Start

“Mistakes happen. Discover the gift in those mistakes.”

How to Get a Fresh Start After Embarrassing Yourself 



“Any change that we desire starts with the acknowledgement and awareness that we want to make a change.” 

Change One Habit With This Easy and Clever Solution 


Next Step

“…To figure out next, there’s nothing like a great question to get the pump primed for action.”

Top 5 Wonderful Ideas for Figuring Out Your Next Step 





Letting Go

“The tension between holding on and letting go is part of being human.” 

What Makes It So Hard to Let Go? 



“…By giving myself the time with nature and art, my cluttered mind has settled.” 

How To Find Some Calm For Your Cluttered Mind


Time Management

“Love is an active expression of words and actions, which doesn’t happen unless you devote time to your relationships.” 

How to Savor the Precious Time We Have 





“Whether you choose to play, disconnect, brainstorm or make lists, renewed motivation is possible for you.” 

7 Great Ways to Get Motivated When You Are in a Slump 


Enlisting Help

“If you’re struggling with overwhelm … it’s probably time to reach out for help.” 

What Are Today’s Interesting Finds? – V11



“Our successes will flow more easily if we balance life’s daily stresses with moments of calm.”

How to Strengthen Your Foundation for Fantastic Success



FALL 2016

Possibility Thinking

“Once you make your choice, breathe deeply and then let go of the outcome.” 

5 Guaranteed Strategies to Help You Make Decisions 


Wonderfully Human

“We’re humans living in a digital world.” 

9 Digital Overwhelm Challenges and Helpful Human Solutions


Life Balance

“Locate yourself. Be present. Take in the moment that is now.”

How to Find Your Balance This Season


My deepest gratitude goes to you for being part of this community. We’ve had an amazingly rich year of conversations and sharing of ideas and resources. You bring learning, growth and wonder to each day. Thank you for coming back again and again to participate and share your best. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, organized and joy-filled New Year!





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