12 Best, Most Inspired Conversations of the Year
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 9:46PM
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As this year is almost over, many of us are reflecting about the past twelve months and the year that’s about to begin. I’m thinking about the many wonderful conversations we’ve shared together on the blog. This free exchange of insights always sparks new ideas. Our conversations about change, clutter, letting go, time, organizing, motivation, life balance and more are one of my greatest sources of joys and inspiration. Thank you for being part of this special community. You inspire me to write, to think, to experiment, and to engage.

I’m grateful for and inspired by the thoughtful words and generous sharing of this community. I’ve curated twelve of my favorite quotes this year by my top engagers, Janet Barclay, Jill Robson, Seana Turner, Ellen Delap, Diane Quintana, Sabrina Quairoli, Sarah Soboleski, Hazel Thornton, Nacho Eguiarte, Jaime Steele, Autumn Leopold and Liana George, selecting one from each month and topic. I’m deeply thankful for them and everyone that adds to our conversations. You bring hope, light, curiosity, and learning each day.


Enjoy the year in review, one quote, insight, and inspiration at a time . . .


Fresh Start

“I love the energy that comes from a refreshed space. It’s clearing out the stuff but also freshening up your perspective by viewing what’s left. I take the opportunity at the new year to make the most of clearing out.”

Ellen Delap on How to Use That Energy Boost You Get From a Fresh Start


Embrace Change

“I guess letting go of what once was, and appreciating what now is, is kind of like focusing on what good things (stuff) you have, and not feeling compelled to accumulate more. Or being grateful for what’s going well in your life as opposed to being resentful about what’s not going well. Any way you slice it I think gratitude is the key.”

Hazel Thornton on Appreciating Genuine Joy With Life’s Inevitable Changes


Next Step

“Knowing what’s the next step is just part of the equation, but knowing why it is important gives us the ultimate reason to go for it.”

Nacho Eguiarte on What Is Your Next Step And Why Is It Important?


Letting Go

“Setting parameters in our lives can help us at so many levels but I think you are so right when you apply it to letting go. It can help with decision fatigue and make the process much easier! I always encourage my clients who are having trouble making a decision to give themselves a time parameter, such as I will make a decision about this item in 'x' minutes, hours, days, etc.”

Liana George on Learn One Amazing Secret That Helps You Let Go



“I’ve identified another challenge in my home: framed pictures. Whether they’re family photos, needlepoint projects made by loved ones, or other types of art, they tend to stay on the wall long after I’ve stopped enjoying them, and then they sit in a corner until I’m willing to part with them. I think it’s because they will have little or no value to anyone else, so it’s harder to get rid of them than more useful items.”

Janet Barclay on Why Do We Hold On To Treasures, Clutter And Stuff?


Time Management

“Wow how the time has flown by. We need to drink in every moment.”

Jill Robson on Hydrangeas in Bloom Means the Wonderful Time Has Arrived



“What motivates me to get organized is a day off…organizing is my relaxing time. A time when I can reassess and revise systems.”

Sabrina Quairoli on How to Use “Dumpster Envy” to Get Motivated


Enlisting help

“I am working on my mindfulness and finding that it does indeed increase happiness. Putting down the technology has allowed me to focus on what is here and now. By not being distracted I have been able to interact with those around me.”

Jaime Steele on 3 Useful Ideas to Help Increase Your Happiness



“I need to start each day with breakfast by myself before my toddler wakes up. While eating I listen to daily mentoring recordings from Darren Hardy. This precious time really helps me set the tone for a successful day if my batteries have some solo recharging time.”

Sarah Soboleski on How to Strengthen Your Foundation For Fantastic Success


Possibility Thinking

“…you should schedule time for yourself. To think big! Make sure you have some white space in your week. If I look at my week and it’s too full it causes me anxiety right there. I have truly tried to change that. I want more white space! More time to be spontaneous with my family and more time for myself to walk, read, cook, etc.”

Autumn Leopold on Practical Possibilities For Deciding When to Think Big or Small


Wonderfully Human

“…one of the hardest things to do is to take a hard or close look at yourself and identify your own strengths. So often we focus on our weaknesses. If we turn it around ask ourselves ‘which strengths do I have to help me compensate for this weakness?’ we would be so much better off.”

Diane Quintana on Interesting Connection With Politics, Being Human and Organizing Habits


Life Balance

“If I had to single out one of your ideas for maintaining balance, it would be ‘You Are Here.’ Especially at this time of year, our minds seem to be constantly trying to fix, address, handle, solve, and deal with a constant stream of issues that bombard our brains. This just steals attention (and joy!) from the moment. I need to continually work on closing the door to the noise and live in the now.”

Seana Turner on How to Find Your Balance During This Season


What resonates with you? Is there one idea that you’d like to bring forward for 2017? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation!




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