How to Embrace Small Changes?
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 8:21AM
Linda Samuels in Embrace Change, Letting go, Motivation, brain, change, declutter, focus, habits, moving, organizing, overwhelming, perspective, positive

When we view change as a process, rather than a singular event, we’re able to discover seeds of change along the way. What if we nurture and view these seeds as mini celebrations on our change journey? How does that alter our experience?



How to embrace small changes?


Making a small change by introducing a burst of color to a room whether it’s a new throw pillow, a vase of fresh flowers, or a brightly painted wall can be part of our change journey. Color is powerful. It can energize, sooth or motivate us. It’s a visual cue that something is different and sets the mood for positive change to occur.



We all have habits and patterns. As much as I advocate systems and organization, sometimes it's essential to change our routines. It’s good for our soul. It’s healthy for our brain. This past weekend, my husband and I made a small change by sleeping in our guest bedroom instead of our room. It was fun for one night to break our routine and enjoy a different perspective. Even though we were just across the hall, it felt like we went away on vacation.



Several of my clients are getting ready to move. They’re making big life changes, which can feel overwhelming at times. Preparing includes organizing and letting go of “stuff” they no longer want with them for the next phase. Getting an entire house ready is a time-intensive process. Celebrating and acknowledging progress along the way is key to staying focused and motivated. Doing the “happy dance” to celebrate another decluttered closet or ten more bags ready to donate keeps the focus on now with a nod to next.

How do you embrace small changes? What mini celebrations have you experienced? Come join the conversation!






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