How Do You See Change?
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7:51AM
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Change happens whether it’s sought or imposed. Our perspective or view about change influences one aspect of our experience. Another part relates to our awareness of change. There are many ways we notice change has occurred. Discovering awareness channels are as important to the change process as change itself.


How do you see change?


One experience that consistently enables me to see change is by re-reading passages in my journal. While I don’t write daily, I write often enough to capture questions, challenges, fears, and accomplishments. By taking the time to visit what was, I’m able to see growth and change that’s taken place. It’s a very concrete awareness channel. 



I’ve written often about the influence on me of living in the northeast with four distinctly different seasons. In my book, The Other Side of Organized, the seasons create the arc for finding your balance between chaos and perfection. Each season has a flavor and mood. Each season brings an opportunity to reset, to review, to alter. Each season brings visible change to the external and internal landscapes. Every three months the changing season functions as my automatic awareness channel.



In a recent conversation with a friend, she described a change she noticed by observing reactions (her own and others) during conversations with family and friends. Her goal was to approach interactions with curiosity rather than a judgmental attitude. Both her own and other’s experiences of their conversations were transformed in a positive way. Growth and change were visible through her newly developed awareness channel.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are your awareness channels? How do you see change? Come join the conversation!




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