Powerful Influence of Mindfulness on Possibility Thinking
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 7:43AM
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There is definitely a mindfulness theme that runs throughout my writing. My creative process includes having a heightened awareness of daily experiences, which is one strategy for fostering mindfulness. I recently learned that one of the many benefits of being mindful is that your thoughts become less cluttered so that you are more open to new ideas, challenges, and possibility thinking.

Last week, I attended a wonderful ICD teleclass about mindfulness and productivity, developed and presented by productivity coach, Casey Moore. There are many mindfulness definitions. Casey shared one definition that included three basic mindfulness elements.


Mindfulness is “paying attention purposefully and non-judgmentally in the present moment.”

During the teleclass, Casey talked about the benefits of practicing mindfulness. The list was long and included improving relationships, decreasing anxiety, improving mood, deepening self-awareness, increasing concentration, boosting attentiveness, lowering high blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, making better decisions, and regulating the fear response.

There were several mindfulness techniques that she shared that focused on intentional breathing and counting. I’ve been experimenting with adding one the breathing exercises into my daily habits. As an added benefit, I’ve used the technique outside by our local rivers. Being surrounded by nature while breathing mindfully was especially beneficial for me. I felt calmer, more connected and grounded.

With a more open, less cluttered mind, what becomes possible? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation.





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