Significance & Stuff
Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 7:10AM
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Chronic disorganization and organizing industry innovator, Judith Kolberg, said:

“. . . the most significant things you get from your parents are non-material. Nothing you could throw away would damage your love for your parents, because the love is non-material. It’s in your heart.”

In our conversations this month about clutter, we’ve also dialogued about letting go, making room for what’s important, freeing our minds, space, time and energy by reducing the “stuff” in our lives. Judith's quote focuses our attention on valuing the non-material more than the material. It's interesting to think about it in context of the struggle many of us experience with managing our possessions.


If clutter and letting go challenge you or someone you know, consider these questions:


When we have emotional attachments to our possessions, letting go can be more challenging. Maybe our things represent treasured relationships or conjure up memories from another time. There can be comfort and freedom in knowing that memories remain long after the stuff is gone.

I invite you to join the conversation. What are your thoughts about clutter, attachments, memories, or letting go?

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