How to Foster Possibilities
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 7:12AM
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Marie Potter and Linda SamuelsHave you ever wondered how to foster possibilities? Is it about the things we do? Is it about the things we hear? Is it about the relationships we cultivate, the people we interact with, or the experiences we are open to? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

I just returned from attending my first POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) conference in Calgary. It was wonderful! The POC members are such a warm, welcoming group who enjoy learning and having a great time together. A special shout out and thanks to Kelly Hipkin, Georgina Forrest, and Stephanie Deakin for the many ways you made me feel welcome.


Mayumi Takahara, Linda Samuels, Mary Dkystra-Novess, Alexandra Ross, Stephanie Deakin, Valentina Sgro, Junko Bradley












It was also wonderful to spend time with leaders from IFPOA (International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations) to discuss the challenges and successes other organizing associations have. Represented were colleagues from Canada, Japan, the United States, and Australia. Heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Stephanie, Alexandra, Mayumi, Mary, Val, and Amanda for bringing your best to the table.


April Miller, Linda Samuels, Laurene Livesey ParkWhile I enjoyed learning about many topics including marketing, goal setting, accountability, disorganization, social media, and technology, what I most loved was meeting new people and strengthening relationships with existing ICD, NAPO, and POC friends and colleagues.

Fostering possibilities is the same as nurturing relationships. They both involve being open and curious, and investing time and energy. As was underscored while in Calgary, the bonds we form with others happen casually and purposefully over coffee, sharing meals, while learning together, listening, observing, while discussing kids, travel, and organizing, while driving from place to place, during elevator rides, waiting in airports, while hanging out after hours, while laughing, dancing, or taking photos. Relationships get nurtured and formed as possibilities are being fostered.


Kelly Hipkin and Linda Samuels

There are many photos from my time in Calgary; some I’ve shared here with you. One of my favorite images is by Mary Dkystra-Novess, NAPO President. She captured a joyful moment of fun when Marie Potter and myself were hugging and posing (feather boas intertwined) at the photo booth during the Awards Dinner. I met Marie last month in Nashville at the ICD conference and we became fast friends. We saw each other again this past week at the POC conference. To me this photo captures the essence of what can happen when you foster possibilities.

Georgina Forrest and Linda Samuels





I’d love to hear your thoughts. Come join the conversation. How do you foster possibilities?





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