Decisions, Clutter & Tag Sales
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 8:05AM
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Homes are being combed through. Drawers, closets, bookshelves, garages, basements, and attics are being emptied. The “stuff” of life that was once treasured or collected is getting ready to exit. Have you noticed? We’re in the season of decluttering and tag sales. The spring blooms have arrived along with the volume of tag sale announcements.

My family has been preparing for such an event, which will happen this weekend. It’s been a fascinating experience to go through my “stuff” having a specific deadline and goal. What’s most interesting is that I’ve got good, fun, and useful things. Here’s the bottom line: I don’t need or want all of it.

As I evaluated each item with a more critical eye than usual, I was faced with a yes/no decision. Does it stay or go? There were the obvious keepers, the obvious giveaways, and the not-so-obvious items. Making the decision for the first two categories was simple. The third category was trickier, and required more questions like:

Something else which provided me with some comic relief and helped in the letting go and clutter releasing process were various sounds and action calls I said like:


“It’s time!”


“Linda, come on. You know you don’t need that anymore.”

We’ve got temporary clutter, as the “going” items are being piled and prepared.  This purposeful clutter doesn’t bother me because I know it will exit soon. When it does, the space will open up, I’ll feel lighter, and a new, clearer chapter will begin. I can visualize how this will look and feel with less.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What helps you make decisions? What becomes possible when you let go of clutter? Come join the conversation.



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