5 Quick Decluttering Tips
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 7:00AM
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5 Decluttering Tips

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by mounting clutter and are not sure where to start? Would you like to activate your decluttering rhythm? If so, think mini projects. Each tiny step you take will help you feel lighter, less stressed, and happier. Using short, quick energy bursts, focused on easy projects, will result in the “voilà” factor.

Are you curious about the “voilà” factor? It’s that sense of satisfaction and positive energy surge we experience when a task is completed and we stop to appreciate the results.

I’ve identified five mini projects for areas that clutter collects. Try one and let me know what happens.


5 Quick Decluttering Tips

1. Pencil Cup – Is your pencil cup overflowing with writing utensils that don’t work or you don’t like? Time to declutter.


2. Magazine Bin – Do your magazines enter your home and rarely leave? Time to declutter.


3. Handbag – Is your handbag so full that you can’t find what you need? Time to declutter. Empty the entire contents. 


4. Clothing Closet – Is your closet so full that it’s difficult to get dressed? Time to declutter. This might seem like a huge project to tackle. For now, just focus with the basics. At another time, continue to the next phase. 


5. Email Inbox – Are you inundated by incoming email? Time to declutter.

Come join the conversation. I’d love to hear about your “Voilà!” moment. What quick decluttering tips work for you?


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