Is It Hammock Time?
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 12:05PM
Linda Samuels in Too Little Time, clarity, hammock, life balance, nature, rejuvenation, relaxing, spring, stress, time, vacations, yoga

Time constantly moves, but sometimes we need to be still. We have to just breathe, not do, and quiet ourselves. Vacations provide a wonderful break to do this, but they can be few and far between. What are the benefits of introducing stillness more frequently? With our busy lives, how can we embrace the pause?

On a recent spring weekend afternoon, I basked in the quiet comfort of our hammock. As I stretched out between two giant oak trees, the birds chirped and the breeze barely blew. Restful greens surrounded me. The light blue sky peeked through a ceiling of trees. The hammock swung ever so slightly. I wrote, read, and thought while appreciating the calming effects of the scenery, sounds, and scents.

The benefits of the quiet were noticeable. I slowed down and felt better balanced. That sense of constantly needing to do and accomplish took a hiatus. Feelings of stress and restlessness went away. Energy was restored. Clarity returned to my thoughts. Gratitude for the surroundings, peacefulness, and pause filled my being.

If you don’t have a hammock what are other ways you can experience the pause? Some like to meditate, pray or do yoga. Others prefer being near water, woods, or mountains. Porch or playground swings can be relaxing. There are many ways to quiet the self.

Time is for doing and it's also for just being. What benefit do you get from pausing? What works for you?

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