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3 Tips for Letting Go

@2012 Photo by Linda SamuelsLetting go of stuff, negative thoughts, bad energy, and certain patterns can have the most rejuvenating effect. Recently this spring, I took some time doing just that. I let go of some things that needing releasing. If you're in need of an energy boost, maybe some of these ideas will be beneficial for you too. Peruse the list and try one.

1. Clutter Clearing:  Maybe the clutter is a small pile on the corner of your desk that feels like a mountain. Perhaps the clutter is your pile of clothes covering the bottom of your closet that makes it difficult to get dressed. Whatever and wherever the clutter is, spend some time sorting, releasing, and claiming back your space. I've had a growing pile of papers on my desk for too long. Each piece represented something to do, someone to call, a great idea to consider, or a random piece of intriguing information. When I finally decided, "Today's the day!” I filed, acted and released. I felt so much lighter and happier. My thoughts were clearer and so was my desk.

2. Thought Busters:  It's been an unusual and more stressful time than normal. Between losing my dad, having other family and friends in the hospital, running a business, going away for the annual NAPO conference, taking coaching classes and working with coaching clients, I've felt overwhelmed. Things are beginning to calm down after many months of being overloaded. I finally realized how unhelpful it was to continue verbalizing the stress. It only fueled my negative thoughts. Instead, I decided to redirect my words to be more encouraging. I’ve decided to say, "I am doing my best and that's good enough." I'm letting go of the guilt over what I'm not doing or could be doing. This is liberating.

3. Energy Boosters:  Are there people, things, or places that zap your sparkle? Is it time to let go of them? Paying attention to the things that deplete you is an important step in figuring out what to release. On the positive side, it's as important to be aware of what restores your energy. When we let go of the things that are troubling us, we make space for things that are nourishing. For me, I've been spending too much time inside. Instead of writing this post at my desktop, I went outdoors to write. I was able to enjoy the beautiful, sun-filled day. There was a slight breeze, the swooshing sound of the leaves rustling, birds chirping, and a distant woodpecker tapping. I could feel myself recharging as I sat and wrote. I let go of where I thought I should be writing and changed my environment. It made a huge difference. Be willing to move, shift and release. The outcome will surprise you.

What is your favorite letting go tip or experience? I invite you to join our conversation and share your thoughts.

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Reader Comments (4)

This is a great post. Letting go is magic to becoming energized again. It is sometimes difficult but well worth it. Thank you for the reminder.

April 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWorkingBoomer

WorkingBoomer- Thank you for stopping by to join the conversation and share your positive feedback. As you said, letting go can be challenging. When we allow ourselves to do it, we can experience wonderful outcomes. What has been your experience?

April 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Samuels

I'm sorry to hear things have been so rough. I've had years like that and it can really take its toll. Thanks for sharing here. My best for all concerned.

April 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlys Milner

Alys- We are never alone, are we? Thank you for your compassionate words. It sounds like you have also been through "rough" times. Those times do leave their mark, but there is also potential for growth and possibilities. Once the fog of the difficult period dissipated, I discovered positive energy, ideas, and changes that surprised me. What changes did you notice after emerging from your challenging times?

April 14, 2013 | Registered CommenterLinda Samuels

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