Noticing Change
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 9:15PM
Linda Samuels in Embrace Change, Emergencies, challenges, change, family, fear, friends, health, life balance, self-care

Small and large changes happen internally and externally all the time. Sometimes we are oblivious and other times we’re acutely aware of the shifts. Sometimes we appreciate and embrace change, while other times we resent or fear it.

As I’m in an “acutely aware” period, I’m feeling particularly grateful for a slight break tonight from a tumultuous period of change. Both of my parents have been experiencing health and life challenges that deeply affect me. I have been living these changes and varied emergencies with them for months, navigating uncharted territory, and simultaneously trying to find balance and normalcy.

I sit here this evening with my hot cup of tea and feet resting comfortably on my purple velvet footstool, finding joy in writing and sipping. This familiar activity that I love grounds me. It’s a respite from the swirl of change and concern that has actively pursued me these many days.

This intensity of change has reaffirmed my belief in the importance of self-care. Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating regularly and making time for fun, friends, family and self are essential.

When any of us have challenges be it health, financial, relationships or careers, it’s so easy to only focus on that. But none of us are just our challenges. We have many strengths and passions. Drawing on these, especially when life is throwing the curve balls, can make all the difference for navigating change.

What changes are you noticing? Which strengths are available to you?

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