Moment of Balance
Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 4:57PM
Linda Samuels in Life Balance, Mindfulness, Seasons, change, dreaming, energy, fall, gratitude, hope, life balance, possibilities, reflection, solitude, support

For over 25 years, I’ve been coming to the rock by the river. My favorite way to go there is to walk down our street to the path through the woods, which leads me to the water. I went on this journey today.

I go there for solitude and sharing, for reflecting and conversing, for writing and wishing or for just being. It’s a place of strength, continuity, change and calm. The shifting seasons highlight its beauty in different ways. On this crisp, fall day everything looked and smelled so clear and fresh.

The rocks, which jut out from the sandy bank provide a foundation that allows me to climb, stand or sit. Like our lives, without a sturdy base, things get wobbly. The rocks are there to support me as needed. I climbed out to the furthest rock, which was in the middle of the river. I sat and quieted myself as I took in the sounds, scents and view.

The river flowed by. It twisted and turned swiftly in places and appeared less active in others. The movement was constant like the continuous change we experience in our lives. The water had an energy and urgency about it as if something was going to happen. It made me feel hopeful about life’s possibilities.

That excitement was accompanied by the sound of the water flowing downstream. The river has many noises and beats as its currents swirl and bubble. The diverse tones joined together creating a unified backdrop that was calming and familiar.

This rock by the river is an emotional place. Dreams were dreamed here. Loved ones were loved here. Tears were cried here. Laughter was had here. Balance was found here.

The river flowed. The sun shone brightly. The air shared its breeze. I breathed deeply. This special place has once again allowed me the gift of just being, feeling this moment of balance and gratitude for my rock by the river.

What does balance look like or feel like to you?

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