Motivation & Patience
Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 5:41PM
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We think about getting motivated, being motivated and staying motivated. And why? We desire to move forward and want the drive to do so. We desire to change from where we currently are to where we want to be. We have an end goal in sight whether it’s something large like organizing an entire household in preparation for a move or something smaller such as organizing the sock drawer.

I’ve kept a journal for almost 40 years. While I enjoy writing in it, it’s just as interesting to revisit previous entries. The re-reading gives me the perspective to review the challenges and check-in with the progress I’ve made or not. Just today, I was sitting outside in one of my favorite spots by the Hudson River. I was enjoying the summer sun, sea and my journal. I wrote and read.

I found a particular passage that inspired this post. Many months back I found myself with a list of seemingly impossible goals and things to do. I had overwhelmed myself with everything I’d committed to doing. I was worrying about how and if I’d get things done. That worry was using a lot of energy. The goals were there. The motivation was there and so was the stress.

Fast forward in my journal several months. I ended up accomplishing many of the things I set out to do. The stress and worry were gone. I wrote this reminder to myself:


The motion is forward. The goals are many. Patience and time are key to give myself the courtesy and space to accomplish the varied and assorted goals.

As you pursue your goals and search for the motivation to do so, remember to be patient. Remind yourself that things take time. Even though it often seems like we need to do everything now or this instant, that is not realistic. Think about one thing at a time. Think about the next step. Be patient.

What are you working towards now that needs your time and patience?

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